• Frances Wolf: Watch this video from my husband on the budget
    Since my husband announced his budget proposal, I've been holding roundtable discussions about what's at stake if we don't move our state forward in bold new direction.

    I'm not doing this just because he's my husband -- I support the budget because it finally makes the investment in education all Pennsylvania schoolchildren deserve.

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  • Tom Wolf: This budget directly affects the future of Pennsylvania
    Right now, Pennsylvania stands at a crossroads. We have a $2.3 billion deficit, an education crisis, and a sluggish economy. Our credit rating has been downgraded five successive times, making us one of the least creditworthy states in the nation.

    And since the beginning of 2011, Pennsylvania ranks dead last in the country in job creation.

    That's clearly not acceptable.

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  • Help Governor Wolf Pass the PA Education Reinvestment Act
    If Republicans and Democrats are going to work together and pass a severance tax on oil and gas companies to help fund public education, they've got to hear from more than just the Governor.

    Each one of us needs to stand with Tom Wolf and demand action. It doesn't matter whether you're a parent, a student, a teacher, or just a Pennsylvanian concerned about the future of our commonwealth.

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