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  • Women for Wolf organizes to end Governor Corbett’s harmful policies and elect Tom Wolf
    By Kate Michelman

    This week, new video surfaced of Governor Corbett once again offering his opinion on women’s issues, which, according to him, include quicker dinner preparation.

    Huffington Post, Philadelphia Magazine, and Talking Points Memo all reported on Corbett’s latest gaffe regarding women’s equality, just the latest in a long history of demeaning comments and damaging policies from the governor.

    A report last year from the Center for American Progress offered some alarming statistics about the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the way it treats the six million women who live here, assigning us a "C-" grade and ranking our state 28th in the nation on women's rights.

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  • Leigh Owens: Here's how Governor Corbett has harmed my son's education in Philadelphia
    By Leigh Owens

    In just a couple of weeks, my seven-year-old son Elijah will be starting second grade at a Philadelphia public school. As a parent, I am worried not only about the quality of the education he will receive, but also his safety.

    We were happy to hear that the Philadelphia public schools would be opened on time, but with so many additional cuts to hall monitors, school nurses, transportation, school janitors, and school police, what kind of schools will our children be attending in September?

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  • How Governor Corbett's $1 Billion in Cuts to Education Have Harmed Pennsylvania Public Schools
    By Sarah Galbally

    Over the past four years, Governor Corbett's $1 billion education cuts have led to increased property taxes, massive layoffs, larger class sizes, and the elimination of valuable programs. Meanwhile, Governor Corbett refuses to implement a reasonable 5 percent severance tax that will help fund all of Pennsylvania's schools.

    After four years of underfunding our schools, Governor Corbett continues to play political games while still avoiding the tough decisions. Governor Corbett's misplaced priorities have decimated schools across Pennsylvania.

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