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  • Holiday Tradition of Volunteering and Contributing to Food Banks
    By Tom Wolf

    Last year, instead of holding a fundraising reception at Pennsylvania Society as typically is the case, I contributed the cost of such a reception to Pennsylvania food banks so that those who are less fortunate than many of us may enjoy a brighter holiday. My staff and I also participated in our own small day of service on the Thursday prior to Pennsylvania Society.

    This is a tradition I plan to extend.

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  • Wolf Administration Transition Launches Transition Website
    By Tom Wolf for Governor

    Today, the Tom Wolf Administration Transition is launching a new website that will allow Pennsylvanians to interact with the transition, learn more about the process, provide feedback, receive announcements, and submit resumes.

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  • Tom Wolf: Thank You
    By Tom Wolf

    I'm about to go on stage in my hometown of York, but I wanted to thank you first.

    As I travelled all across Pennsylvania during this campaign, I was amazed at the dedication, energy, and enthusiasm put forth by supporters like you to encourage others to participate in our democracy.

    You made this campaign about more than electing me -- you made it about people coming together to improve our schools, our neighborhoods, and our state.

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