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  • Back in Pittsburgh, Tom visits TechShop to promote Pennsylvania Manufacturing
    By Jeffery Sheridan

    Tom was back in Pittsburgh again on Monday as part of his Fresh Start tour. His latest stop landed him at TechShop, a community-based workshop and prototyping studio whose mission is to democratize access to the tools of innovation; in simpler terms, TechShop is a do-it-yourself workshop where innovators and entrepreneurs can build things.

    TechShop offers a variety of workspace options including metalwork, woodwork, electronics, textiles, 3D printing, and bicycle repair. The ingenuity that is taking place inside their walls is helping fuel the maker movement in Pittsburgh and revitalize the important start-up sector of the thriving city.

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  • Tom Wolf Talks Baseball and Pennsylvania Manufacturing at Chandler Bats in Norristown
    By Rachel H. Weiser

    Before Tom ever joined the Peace Corps, earned his Ph.D., and built the Wolf Organization into the largest distributor of kitchen cabinets in the country, he wanted to be a professional baseball player. That dream faded, but last week Tom revisited his old passion during a tour of Chandler Bats in Norristown, where he learned about manufacturing baseball bats.

    Founded in 2010, Chandler Bats quickly became a local business success story and now manufactures hundreds of models of baseball bats for Major League Baseball players as well as players in the minor leagues, college, and high school. Chandler bats are unique in their quality -- they are compressed to a degree that compacts the wood tighter than any of their competitors, making them stand apart in performance and durability. And they are made right here in Pennsylvania.

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  • Rachel Sonnet has a very personal reason for joining the Wolf campaign as an intern
    By Leigh Owens

    For Rachel Sonnet, a 21-year-old college student from Emsworth, Pennsylvania, working to elect Tom Wolf as a finance intern is personal.

    Rachel's family is one of the thousands in Pennsylvania who have been affected by Governor Corbett's refusal to expand Medicaid. As a result of Corbett's policies, 500,000 currently uninsured, middle and low-income Pennsylvanians have been blocked from accessing affordable health care, including Rachel's 61-year-old father.

    "My father is currently recovering from a stroke in a nursing home. Because he was uninsured when he had the stroke almost a year ago, it was a struggle for our family to afford the hospital bills and secure health insurance. Tom Wolf's proposal to expand health insurance coverage in Pennsylvania would help my family and thousands of others."

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