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  • How Governor Corbett's $1 Billion in Cuts to Education Have Harmed Pennsylvania Public Schools
    By Sarah Galbally

    Over the past four years, Governor Corbett's $1 billion education cuts have led to increased property taxes, massive layoffs, larger class sizes, and the elimination of valuable programs. Meanwhile, Governor Corbett refuses to implement a reasonable 5 percent severance tax that will help fund all of Pennsylvania's schools.

    After four years of underfunding our schools, Governor Corbett continues to play political games while still avoiding the tough decisions. Governor Corbett's misplaced priorities have decimated schools across Pennsylvania.

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  • Johnstown field office celebrates grand opening with Tom Wolf, organizes to get out the vote
    By Leigh Owens

    This week the Wolf campaign opened a new field office in Johnstown to help get out the vote in Blair, Bedford, Cambria, Indiana Fulton, Huntingdon and Somerset Counties this November.

    The launch of the new office gave the campaign field staff the opportunity to meet supporters from around the area and supporters the opportunity to meet Tom in person.

    The space being used for this office is well known in the area for being used as a campaign base. Congressman Mark Critz used the space as his campaign office during the special election to replace Congressman John Murtha, who first used the office before Critz.

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  • Volunteer Spotlight: Lifelong Republican Dr. Lorna Johns is Working To Help Elect Tom Wolf
    By Leigh Owens

    Dr. Lorna Johns has been a Republican since she first registered to vote more than 40 years ago. She votes in every election, but this year’s governor race is the first time in her life she has actively involved herself in the political process -- and she’s standing with Tom Wolf.

    As an education professional, Lorna has seen first hand the devastation caused by Governor Corbett’s extreme cuts to education in Pennsylvania.

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