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  • Tom Wolf tours HACC and highlights his plan to create innovative job training programs
    By Jeffrey Sheridan

    Under Governor Corbett, Pennsylvania has fallen to the bottom in job growth - we are 48th out of 50th. The bottom is unacceptable. Tom Wolf has a plan to give Pennsylvania a fresh start and he has the experience needed to create family-supporting jobs with good wages and benefits.

    Right now, Pennsylvania's workforce is aging, and business leaders fear that the next generation is not prepared to fill these soon-to-be vacated positions. Tom understands that in order to build a strong economy, Pennsylvania must properly equip our workforce with the skills to compete and succeed in a competitive, global marketplace.

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  • Tom Wolf's tour of Central Market 'wasn't a typical campaign stop'
    By Ryan Alexander

    On Saturday afternoon, Tom Wolf went with his wife and his mother to Lancaster to tour the Central Market and to receive the endorsement of Rep. Mike Sturla and Lancaster Mayor Rick Gray.

    Lancaster Central Market is known as both the country's oldest continuously operated farmers' market and a Pennsylvania Dutch landmark with many stands operated by local Amish families that serve regional food specialties such as scrapple, headcheese, and chowchow in the beautiful 120-year-old red brick building.

    After the endorsement event and the walking tour of the market, Tom received both local and national headlines for being a different kind of candidate whose message of a fresh start for Pennsylvania is resonating with voters.

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  • York Campaign Office Attracts 'Rock Star' Volunteers
    By Leigh Owens

    The York campaign office located at 102. North George Street was the first one established and is the lifeblood of the campaign, as well as headquarters for some of our staff, who have been with Tom since the very beginning. Marty Santalucia, Field Director, and Reid Walsh, Director of Operations play two very important roles -- both are exceptional at what they do and are huge assets to Tom and the team.

    "The atmosphere in the office is extremely positive. People who work for the campaign respect Tom and love what they do. You can feel it when you walk in the office, plus we always have baked goods."

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