Tom Wolf's Plan to Give Pennsylvania a Fresh Start

Posted on February 12, 2014 by Sarah Galbally

Pennsylvania needs a new direction with proven leadership focused on strengthening the state's economy and rebuilding the middle class.

And that's why Tom released his "A Fresh Start" policy plan as he continues traveling across Pennsylvania, where he is listening to struggling families and small businesses and talking with voters about the need to build a 21st century economy and create solid, secure middle-class jobs:

"I believe Pennsylvania's best days are ahead of us -- where a dynamic and growing economy offer opportunities and help strengthen the middle class,' said Wolf. "Too often policy making is about the next deal or reacting to the latest crisis. It's time we think ahead. Politicians in Harrisburg have failed middle class families and have plagued us with an ailing economy."

Pennsylvanians are ready for fresh ideas and a different type of leader. Tom is a successful businessman who has done things the right way -- sharing 20 to 30 percent of his profits with employees, rejecting perks when he was the Secretary of Revenue, and saving his family's business by investing in people.

Tom's vision for Pennsylvania leverages his unique experience in business and government to create jobs, fix our broken education system, and build a stronger economy. Our state enjoys an abundance of natural resources, vibrant industries, world-class universities and colleges, and our geographic location places us in a position to be the transportation hub between the East Coast, Midwest, and global markets.

A Fresh Start taps Pennsylvania's enormous growth potential by drawing on all of our state's resources. Specifically, the plan focuses on these key areas:

  • Level the Playing Field
  • Focus State Government on Preparing for 21st Century Jobs
  • Exploit the Innate Strengths of Pennsylvania's Economy
  • Use Pennsylvania's Natural Resources to our Full Advantage

Tom will take state government in a different direction with a strategic focus on making our Commonwealth an engine for economic development and a magnet for private sector entrepreneurs who will create the solid, high-wage jobs Pennsylvania workers and families desperately need.

UPDATE: We collected great ideas from all different sources for the Fresh Start plan - the public sector, the private sector and not-for-profits. This plan specifically cites more than 20 references throughout the 46-page document to other studies and articles that served as some of the foundation to our plan. It was important to us to give credit where credit was due and we made an update to this plan on 04/24 to reflect earlier mistakes. 

Tom Wolf's Plan to Give Pennsylvania a Fresh Start by WolfForPA

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