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  • Congratulations to Hillary Clinton, Katie McGinty, Josh Shapiro, Dwight Evans, and Steve Santarsiero

    By Tom Wolf

    I want to congratulate Hillary Clinton, Katie McGinty, Josh Shapiro, Dwight Evans, Steve Santarsiero, and state house and senate candidates on their victories today. Today's election proved that Pennsylvania Democrats want to be represented by elected officials with integrity and decency. Read more »
  • Tom Wolf: I'm supporting Hillary Clinton for President

    By Tom Wolf

    The American people deserve a real discussion about wage stagnation and income inequality in the presidential election. And Hillary Clinton will help tackle income inequality head on with an economic proposal that creates incentives for businesses to share profits with workers.

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  • Governor Tom Wolf: I won't sign the Republican budget

    By Tom Wolf

    I won't sign the Republican budget because the math simply doesn't add up.

    According to their own arithmetic, the Republican budget creates a $1.6 billion deficit in 2016-17 that will prompt massive cuts to education, teacher layoffs, higher property taxes, and cuts to senior programs.

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  • Lolly Bentch Myers: My daughter needs medical cannabis

    Anna has Mesial Temporal Sclerosis and intractable epilepsy. At her worst, Anna can experience more than 100 seizures every day.

    Medical cannabis gives my family hope. Read more »
  • Tom Wolf: It wasn't luck that detected my treatable cancer

    Frances and I recently learned I have prostate cancer that was thankfully detected early after a regular checkup revealed abnormalities.

    I am very thankful that my doctors caught this cancer quickly and have worked with me to plan a treatment schedule that will address my medical issues and allow me to serve the people of Pennsylvania.

    These treatments do not present any impairment to my ability to perform my duties as governor.

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  • Tom Wolf: I've secured a commitment from GOP leaders for a historic investment in public education

    After months of obstruction, we've made real progress on a budget deal and for the first time I'm optimistic we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. With you helping lead the fight to fund Pennsylvania public schools, I've secured a commitment from Republican leaders for a historic increase in education funding. Read more »
  • Governor Tom Wolf: Let's talk about the budget

    When I crafted this proposal, I knew we wouldn't be able to solve the challenges facing Pennsylvania by doing the same thing Harrisburg has been doing for years -- the time has come for bold reform.

    Pennsylvanians want high-quality public schools; they want the oil and gas companies to pay their fair share; and they want an end to continual hikes in property taxes many homeowners simply can't afford.

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  • Tom Wolf: Make a stand for fairness and equality here in Pennsylvania

    Without a non-discrimination law, LGBT Pennsylvanians and their families can be fired, denied a mortgage, or refused service at a hotel, library, or even a hospital.

    That's not welcoming, and that's not right.

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  • Frances Wolf: Watch this video from my husband on the budget

    Since my husband announced his budget proposal, I've been holding roundtable discussions about what's at stake if we don't move our state forward in bold new direction.

    I'm not doing this just because he's my husband -- I support the budget because it finally makes the investment in education all Pennsylvania schoolchildren deserve.

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  • Tom Wolf: This budget directly affects the future of Pennsylvania

    Right now, Pennsylvania stands at a crossroads. We have a $2.3 billion deficit, an education crisis, and a sluggish economy. Our credit rating has been downgraded five successive times, making us one of the least creditworthy states in the nation.

    And since the beginning of 2011, Pennsylvania ranks dead last in the country in job creation.

    That's clearly not acceptable.

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  • Help Governor Wolf Pass the PA Education Reinvestment Act

    If Republicans and Democrats are going to work together and pass a severance tax on oil and gas companies to help fund public education, they've got to hear from more than just the Governor.

    Each one of us needs to stand with Tom Wolf and demand action. It doesn't matter whether you're a parent, a student, a teacher, or just a Pennsylvanian concerned about the future of our commonwealth.

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  • New York Times Profiles Governor Tom Wolf's Historic Campaign

    Tom Wolf told the gathered crowd this week, "I'm going to be an unconventional governor."

    Actually, Mr. Wolf already is. The only person to defeat a sitting governor in the four decades that Pennsylvania has allowed its chief executive a second term, Mr. Wolf is also the only Democrat in the country who picked off a Republican governor at a time when his party's record was only slightly less calamitous than that of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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  • Governor Tom Wolf: Say you're ready to work alongside me

    It's my first full-day as Governor of Pennsylvania, but I had to take a moment to say thanks.

    You took a chance on a different kind of leader -- one who isn't a product of the political system -- and I'll never forget that I'm here because of people like you who care deeply about our commonwealth.

    As governor, I will do everything in my power to make Pennsylvania a place where jobs pay, schools teach, and government works.

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  • Watch the Introduction Video for the Inaugural Celebration

    Earlier today, Governor Tom Wolf officially took office with his family and thousands of Pennsylvanians by his side in Harrisburg.

    You helped make history.*

    You elected a governor who is going to fight for jobs that pay, schools that teach, and government that works.

    So to help celebrate the moment, we put together a video that reflects on where we've come -- and where we're going in the months ahead:

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  • Watch the Wolf Inauguration Live at 12:00 PM EST

    Today at 12:00 pm EST, go online to join in the inauguration of Governor-elect Tom Wolf. Watch the swearing-in at Follow along on Twitter at @WolfInaugural. And join in the conversation with hashtag #PAinaug.

    You made history on November 4, so tune in today to watch Tom Wolf become governor!

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  • Check out the inaugural preview video, "Celebrate"

    You made history when you helped to elect Tom Wolf, so be a part of history again when Tom becomes governor on January 20.

    See what we’ve got planned, share the video with your friends, and then be there for the fun next week.

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  • Holiday Tradition of Volunteering and Contributing to Food Banks

    By Tom Wolf

    Last year, instead of holding a fundraising reception at Pennsylvania Society as typically is the case, I contributed the cost of such a reception to Pennsylvania food banks so that those who are less fortunate than many of us may enjoy a brighter holiday. My staff and I also participated in our own small day of service on the Thursday prior to Pennsylvania Society.

    This is a tradition I plan to extend.

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  • Wolf Administration Transition Launches Website

    By Tom Wolf for Governor

    Today, the Tom Wolf Administration Transition is launching a new website that will allow Pennsylvanians to interact with the transition, learn more about the process, provide feedback, receive announcements, and submit resumes.

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  • Tom Wolf: Thank You

    By Tom Wolf

    I'm about to go on stage in my hometown of York, but I wanted to thank you first.

    As I travelled all across Pennsylvania during this campaign, I was amazed at the dedication, energy, and enthusiasm put forth by supporters like you to encourage others to participate in our democracy.

    You made this campaign about more than electing me -- you made it about people coming together to improve our schools, our neighborhoods, and our state.

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  • Tom Wolf: Remind your friends to vote today

    By Tom Wolf

    It's been an incredible journey to Election Day, and because of people like you, it's been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

    Thousands of supporters have spent more than a year chipping in, volunteering their time, and spreading the word about our campaign to give Pennsylvania a fresh start.

    It's been great working with you, and I know I can count you to get out the vote before the polls close at 8:00 p.m.

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