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  • Tom Wolf tours HACC and highlights his plan to create innovative job training programs

    By Jeffrey Sheridan

    Under Governor Corbett, Pennsylvania has fallen to the bottom in job growth - we are 48th out of 50th. The bottom is unacceptable. Tom Wolf has a plan to give Pennsylvania a fresh start and he has the experience needed to create family-supporting jobs with good wages and benefits.

    Right now, Pennsylvania's workforce is aging, and business leaders fear that the next generation is not prepared to fill these soon-to-be vacated positions. Tom understands that in order to build a strong economy, Pennsylvania must properly equip our workforce with the skills to compete and succeed in a competitive, global marketplace.

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  • Tom Wolf's tour of Central Market 'wasn't a typical campaign stop'

    By Ryan Alexander

    On Saturday afternoon, Tom Wolf went with his wife and his mother to Lancaster to tour the Central Market and to receive the endorsement of Rep. Mike Sturla and Lancaster Mayor Rick Gray.

    Lancaster Central Market is known as both the country's oldest continuously operated farmers' market and a Pennsylvania Dutch landmark with many stands operated by local Amish families that serve regional food specialties such as scrapple, headcheese, and chowchow in the beautiful 120-year-old red brick building.

    After the endorsement event and the walking tour of the market, Tom received both local and national headlines for being a different kind of candidate whose message of a fresh start for Pennsylvania is resonating with voters.

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  • York Campaign Office Attracts 'Rock Star' Volunteers

    By Leigh Owens

    The York campaign office located at 102. North George Street was the first one established and is the lifeblood of the campaign, as well as headquarters for some of our staff, who have been with Tom since the very beginning. Marty Santalucia, Field Director, and Reid Walsh, Director of Operations play two very important roles -- both are exceptional at what they do and are huge assets to Tom and the team.

    "The atmosphere in the office is extremely positive. People who work for the campaign respect Tom and love what they do. You can feel it when you walk in the office, plus we always have baked goods."

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  • The fact that women make 77 cents for every one dollar a man makes is unacceptable

    By Tom Wolf

    From the very moment Sarah and Katie were born, my wife Frances and I both believed that there would be no limits to what they could accomplish.

    The fact that women make 77 cents for every one dollar a man makes is unacceptable.

    As the father of two smart and ambitious young women, it makes me angry that they may be paid less simply because of their gender -- and I know that it could be something that deters them from wanting to move back home.

    At the Wolf Organization, salaries are based on the quality of work produced and, through a bi-annual employee review process, we work hard to ensure that there are no pay disparities.

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  • Video: Tom Wolf saved hundreds of jobs and turned the company around

    By Cindi Kelly

    As a distributor of kitchen cabinets and home building products, the Wolf Organization was hit hard by the sudden collapse of the housing market during the Great Recession.

    It was a scary time for my coworkers, my family, and me.

    But when it was announced that Tom Wolf was coming back to rescue the company after retiring in 2006, I knew the company would rebound.

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  • Evie Rafalko McNulty: Tom Wolf will change Harrisburg

    By Evie Rafalko McNulty

    If you've ever talked to Tom, you know that he truly has a salt of the earth personality that I know endears him to the people of Northeast Pennsylvania and I believe all Pennsylvanians. Tom is genuine and sincere, and his story and vision has helped restore my faith in what our state government can do -- he cares about people like my family and me.

    As a local leader in Lackawanna County, I look forward to working with Tom to promote policies that make our middle class stronger and fortify the fabric of our communities.

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  • Pottstown Mercury and York Daily Record Endorse Tom Wolf

    By Leigh Owens

    The Pottstown Mercury became the second Pennsylvania newspaper to endorse Tom Wolf for governor. The Mercury cited Wolf's business experience and his character:

    Wolf's talk at The Hill School came a week after an editorial board meeting with Digital First Media and the York area community at the York Daily Record/Sunday News.

    The impression from both sessions is that Wolf is the genuine article.

    He's a leader. He’s the kind of man -- or maybe we should say businessman -- that Pennsylvania needs as a governor.

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  • Senator Andy Dinniman: Tom Wolf will be a friend to PA's environment

    By Sincere Alise

    This past weekend, I was excited to join Chester County State Senator Andy Dinniman at the Stroud Preserve in West Chester as he endorsed Tom Wolf for Governor.

    Senator Dinniman is the leading voice for the preservation of open space in the state, and he believes that Tom's plan for Pennsylvania will further his efforts and give Pennsylvania a fresh start.

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  • Tom Wolf was an exceptional Peace Corps Volunteer who led by example

    By Richard Williams

    Tom formed an excellent bond with the villagers. He lived among them, ate his meals with them and became an integral part of their professional and personal lives.

    Tom’s demonstrated qualities of intelligence, adaptability and leadership exhibited by his work in India has carried over into every facet of his professional career, whether in the non-profit sector, business sector, or political sector -- Tom has always done the right thing.

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  • Bobby SImpson: A person like Tom only comes along once in a lifetime

    By Bobby Simpson

    I have known Tom for over 35 years through his active support of the Crispus Attucks Association, which is a comprehensive non-profit here in York that provides education services, human services, and affordable housing to a diverse population.

    Tom has not only been a supporter of our organization, but he’s a close friend.

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  • Pittsburgh Office Opens as Hub of Organizing in Allegheny County

    By Ryan Alexander

    It's going to take a lot of field offices, phone calls, clipboards, and conversations with voters to make sure folks know that Tom Wolf is the Democrat who can beat Governor Corbett and give Pennsylvania a fresh start.

    And with the help of 193 people on Sunday, we turned the lights on for the first time in our new Pittsburgh office to create a hub for grassroots organizing efforts in Allegheny County.

    It’s proof that we’re committed to organizing person by person, block by block -- and the success of this office opening shows how momentum for Tom is building with Democratic activists in Western Pennsylvania.

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  • Former Pennsylvania Treasurer Robin Wiessmann Endorses Tom Wolf

    By Robin L Wiessmann

    I have worked my entire career in financial services, both in the public and private sectors, and I can tell you that it is rare to come across a person who possesses such high integrity, character, and intelligence as Tom Wolf.

    When I was Treasurer of Pennsylvania, I had the pleasure of working with Tom. He was a true partner in government and was motivated for all of the right reasons. He understood what needed to be done and took smart steps to achieve change. Tom modernized the Department of Revenue like a true leader: he listened.

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  • Jody Kroh: Tom Wolf's profit sharing allowed me to buy a Harley-Davidson

    By Jody Kroh

    I started with Tom Wolf's company as a customer service supervisor back in 2003, so I can really say this about the man: Tom genuinely cares about his workers.

    Not only does Tom treat people fairly with living wages and great benefits, he also shares 20-30% of the company's profits with employees.

    In March, it's a very happy place to be in the office when the profit-sharing checks come out, because it does life-changing things for workers and their families.

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  • Video: Tom Wolf's obsession with his used 2006 Jeep Wrangler

    By Frances Wolf

    Sarah, Katie, and Ron -- our favorite neighborhood auto mechanic -- made a short video about my husband's obsession with his used 2006 Jeep Wrangler.

    Tom put a lot of miles on that Jeep driving around Pennsylvania when he was Secretary of Revenue, and he's putting a lot more on while spreading the word about this campaign.

    It's a quick watch, so even if Jeeps aren't your thing, you should watch this video.

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  • Tom Wolf tours Donegan Elementary to promote innovation in education

    By Sarah Galbally

    On Thursday, Tom toured Donegan Elementary Community School with representatives from Lehigh University and the United Way of Greater Lehigh Valley. Following the tour, Tom met with experts from Lehigh's College of Education to discuss educational policy, practice, and research.

    Tom knows how important it is to provide additional support and resources to urban school districts from his own experience working with urban schools in York. After meeting with experts from Lehigh, Tom discussed his plan to give Pennsylvania a fresh start with a local television station:

    "I'm doing a fresh start tour all over Pennsylvania - I'm showcasing a lot of things, but education is a priority to me."

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  • Rich Fitzgerald: Tom Wolf is uniquely qualified to be governor

    By Rich Fitzgerald

    Tom Wolf's passion, commitment, and life experience make him uniquely qualified to be governor.

    After serving in the Peace Corps and earning his PhD, Tom moved back to his hometown to work in the family business, which he eventually bought and built into one of the largest cabinet makers in America.

    Tom has shown that an American manufacturing company can compete in the global economy. He also takes care of his workers by paying them a living wage, giving them good benefits, and even sharing 20 to 30 percent of his profits with them.

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  • Nancy Mills: Tom Wolf is the best candidate to give PA a fresh start

    By Nancy Mills

    All over Western Pennsylvania, Tom’s name keeps coming up: from Allegheny Valley to the Ohio Valley and from the Eastern Region to the Western Region, people keep asking me, "Have you met Tom?"

    Like so many others, I have met Tom and I am writing to share with you that this is not an ordinary campaign, and Tom is not an ordinary candidate.

    This past weekend, I was proud to join with leaders from all across Western Pennsylvania to endorse Tom Wolf for Governor because he's the best candidate to give Pennsylvania a fresh start, rebuild our economy, and strengthen the middle class.

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  • Profit sharing allowed my family to enjoy a Caribbean cruise

    By Cindi Kelly

    Tom has always treated employees fairly while also providing good wages and benefits, and he even shares 20-30% of the company’s profits with workers like me.

    And I remember that after I got my first full year’s profit sharing check, I told my husband, "Let's use it for something the whole family can enjoy."

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  • Western Pennsylvania Democratic Leaders Endorse Tom Wolf

    By Jeffrey Sheridan

    Tom Wolf today received the support of U.S. Congressman Mike Doyle, Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald, Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto, Allegheny County Democratic Chair Nancy Mills, and a host of other elected officials, party and community leaders from Pittsburgh and throughout the region:

    "I am humbled to have the support of Congressman Doyle, County Executive Fitzgerald, Mayor Peduto, and Nancy Mills and I am thrilled to join with them to fight for a fresh start for Pennsylvania," Wolf said.

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  • Building a 21st century economy for Pennsylvania

    By Jeffrey Sheridan

    Tom Wolf is focused on closing the skills gap in Pennsylvania and has called for enhanced partnerships between the state’s colleges and universities and area businesses.

    As CEO of the Wolf Organization and head of the York County Chamber of Commerce, Tom led an initiative aimed at business – education partnerships because as the head of a successful business he understands the importance of hiring a skilled workforce.

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