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  • Philadelphia high school junior is helping spread Tom’s message of a fresh start for Pennsylvania

    By Leigh Owens

    Jeremiah Milligan is one of this campaign’s youngest volunteers to date -- but even though he won’t be able to vote on November 4, the 16-year-old high school junior is working hard to get the word out about electing Tom Wolf in his Philadelphia community.

    Jeremiah’s role in the campaign is unique. He works closely with the campaign’s political department in Philadelphia providing administrative and advance support during events, such as last week’s event with First Lady Michelle Obama.

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  • Governor Corbett’s deception revealed once again by

    By Leigh Owens

    This is just the latest misstep in a string of desperate and dishonest attacks from a campaign that has consistently refused to tell the truth. In a previous ad titled “Toy Story,” said that the ad should be called “Tall Story” for its many deceptions, and in another fact check, Corbett was called out specifically for being less than honest about job creation under his administration.

    Governor Corbett’s dishonest ads are nothing more than an attempt to distract Pennsylvanians from his $1 billion education funding cut and an economy that sunk from 9th to 47th in job creation under his watch. Rather than explain himself to the voters, Corbett has time and again chosen to falsely attack Tom Wolf. 

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  • Get to know a Tom Wolf for Governor field office - Lancaster Edition

    By Leigh Owens

    Carl Feldman is the organizer in charge of running the Lancaster site and organizing the city for a Tom Wolf victory. We got a chance to speak with Carl about the Lancaster office, his background, and how the Lancaster office is working with volunteers to help give Pennsylvania the fresh start it needs.

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  • Video: Hillary Rodham Clinton and Tom Wolf get out the vote in Philadelphia

    You'll want to watch this:

    Hillary Rodham Clinton spoke at a rally with Tom Wolf and more than 1,200 grassroots supporters in Philadelphia to help get out the vote.

    She gave an amazing speech, and it's a message you've got to hear.

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  • Get your free ticket to see First Lady Michelle Obama in Philadelphia on Wednesday

    On Wednesday, October 15, First Lady Michelle Obama will headline a grassroots event for Tom Wolf to mobilize voters and urge them to be there and vote on November 4.

    Due to space limitations, only a limited number of tickets will be available on a first come basis.

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  • Make sure your friends are registered to vote by Monday's deadline

    If you're fired up about defeating Governor Corbett and electing Tom Wolf, then you need to make sure your friends are registered to vote at their current address.

    Think about the people you know who may need a reminder before the voter registration deadline on Monday, October 6 and then help them get it done.

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  • Get your free ticket to see Hillary Rodham Clinton in Philadelphia on Thursday

    Hillary Rodham Clinton is coming to Philadelphia on Thursday, October 9th for a grassroots event to help Tom Wolf give Pennsylvania a fresh start.

    Tickets can be picked up from a Tom Wolf for Governor field office in the Philadelphia area. Due to space limitations, only a limited number of tickets will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

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  • VIDEO: On Governor Corbett's watch, Pennsylvania has fallen from 9th in job creation to 47th

    Governor Corbett said he'd fight for jobs and make Pennsylvania #1 in job creation, but that's not what has happened, not even close.

    On Corbett's watch, the Commonwealth has fallen from 9th in the country in job growth to 47th -- and unemployment has been on the rise for two months in a row.

    It's past time to hold Corbett accountable -- watch the new video that exposes his record of failure and highlights Tom Wolf's proven record of creating jobs:

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  • BBQ Contest Winner, Jeanne Smith shares her experience with Tom and Frances Wolf, at their home

    By Jeanne Smith

    Three weeks after making a modest donation to Tom Wolf’s campaign for governor, my husband and I were on our way to Mount Wolf to meet Tom and to attend a backyard barbecue at his home. As soon as we got there, we were taken into the backyard to meet Mr. Wolf and his wife, Frances. Tom took us into his home and showed us his study as he and my husband discussed The Bully Pulpit and other books both had read and enjoyed.

    We talked about what we did and where we lived, and Tom shared some stories about his wife’s paintings and his daughters. We made our way back outside as other guests arrived -- neighbors and other prize winners -- in all about 20 people.

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  • Dan Surra to Chair Sportsmen for Wolf committee to organize for Tom Wolf in November

    By Dan Surra

    As a lifelong fisherman, hunter, gun owner, and Pennsylvanian I am proud to serve as the Chairman of the Sportsmen for Wolf Committee, where we plan to make Tom Wolf the next Governor of Pennsylvania.

    I have made it my life’s work to help protect our environment and natural resources. While serving in the Pennsylvania General Assembly, I had the privilege to sit on the House Game and Fish Committee, and later on in my career I served as Senior Advisor to the Pennsylvania Wilds initiative and as Executive Director of the Governor’s Sportsmen Advisory Council in the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

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  • Latinos for Wolf mobilizes to get out the vote in Philadelphia, Reading, and all across Pennsylvania

    By Leigh Owens

    The Latinos for Wolf initiative kicked off this week with events in both Philadelphia and Reading to begin mobilizing the Latino community for the nearing November election.

    In Philadelphia, Tom Wolf was joined by Councilwoman Maria Quiñones Sanchez, former Councilman Angel Ortiz, and former Pennsylvania Secretary of State Pedro Cortes to help fire up Latino voters about electing Tom Wolf in November.

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  • Together "The Judy's," are a dynamic volunteer duo focused on electing Tom Wolf

    By Leigh Owens

    The Judy's' met in 2008 during Barack Obama's presidential campaign. Both were volunteers in Erie where they were born and raised, and formed a close bond during the campaign. They have been volunteering on political campaigns together ever since.

    Judy Jobes worked for the phone company for 31 years before retiring and Judy Sicari worked at a group home for the mentally handicapped -- both have a long history of working with political campaigns.

    Jobes first campaigned for John F. Kennedy, where she volunteered while in Jr. High School. Sicari began in 1992 with the Clinton/Gore campaign.

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  • After meeting and talking with Tom Wolf I feel very optimistic about Pennsylvania’s future

    By Leo Nolan

    I had no idea what to expect when I was told I’d won the barbecue contest and would attending Tom and Frances Wolf’s annual backyard barbecue -- but I knew that it would be something memorable.

    The first thing I noticed was that it was a small, intimate gathering of what turned out to be some really amazing people. Family and friends of Tom, neighbors, and of course other contest winners. I had the opportunity to speak with Tom at length about the November election and how important it will be for the commonwealth.

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  • New Erie Office Gears Up To Get Out The Vote In Northwest Pennsylvania

    By Leigh Owens

    Carrie Sache, Regional Field Director for Erie County, is leading the charge to get out the vote for Tom Wolf in Northwest Pennsylvania.

    We had the opportunity to speak with her about her important role organizing the Erie region, her history in Erie County and how she plans to help Tom get elected in November.

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  • Join Tom Wolf and other Democrats for a Day of Action on Saturday, September 6

    By Marty Santalucia

    As we get closer to November 4, every day becomes more and more important.

    If we're going to defeat Governor Corbett, we've all got to get out in our neighborhoods and talk to voters about Tom Wolf's story and his plan give Pennsylvania a fresh start.

    And with only 61 days left until Election Day, the time to have these crucial conversations with fellow Pennsylvanians is running out.

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  • Tom Wolf visits Advent Design to discuss manufacturing, education, and workforce development

    By Jeffrey Sheridan

    Yesterday, Tom was in Bucks County where he stopped by Advent Design to discuss manufacturing, education, and workforce development.

    Advent Design, a manufacturing and design company in Bristol, is a Pennsylvania success story, and like Tom, they are vocal proponents of American and local manufacturing. After the tour, Tom had an opportunity to describe Advent's ingenuity:

    "They're designing processes here that make America competitive with the rest of the world. In fact, we can beat the rest of the world...and its not just patriotism they're appealing to – they're competing on price, on quality, on everything."

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  • Corbett’s Refusal To Enact Severance Tax Leaves $1B In Drillers' Pockets While Schools Suffer

    By Jeffery Sheridan

    For the fourth year in a row, children across Pennsylvania are headed back to schools that lack the resources needed to give students an education that will allow them to compete in the ever-changing, modern economy.

    Pennsylvania schools are suffering from Governor Corbett's misguided $1 billion cuts that have resulted in higher property taxes, 27,000 layoffs, increased class sizes, and the reduction of valuable programs such as pre-kindergarten and full-day kindergarten.

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  • Women for Wolf organizes to end Governor Corbett’s harmful policies and elect Tom Wolf

    By Kate Michelman

    This week, new video surfaced of Governor Corbett once again offering his opinion on women’s issues, which, according to him, include quicker dinner preparation.

    Huffington Post, Philadelphia Magazine, and Talking Points Memo all reported on Corbett’s latest gaffe regarding women’s equality, just the latest in a long history of demeaning comments and damaging policies from the governor.

    A report last year from the Center for American Progress offered some alarming statistics about the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the way it treats the six million women who live here, assigning us a "C-" grade and ranking our state 28th in the nation on women's rights.

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  • Leigh Owens: Here's how Governor Corbett has harmed my son's education in Philadelphia

    By Leigh Owens

    In just a couple of weeks, my seven-year-old son Elijah will be starting second grade at a Philadelphia public school. As a parent, I am worried not only about the quality of the education he will receive, but also his safety.

    We were happy to hear that the Philadelphia public schools would be opened on time, but with so many additional cuts to hall monitors, school nurses, transportation, school janitors, and school police, what kind of schools will our children be attending in September?

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  • How Governor Corbett's $1 Billion in Cuts to Education Have Harmed Pennsylvania Public Schools

    By Sarah Galbally

    Over the past four years, Governor Corbett's $1 billion education cuts have led to increased property taxes, massive layoffs, larger class sizes, and the elimination of valuable programs. Meanwhile, Governor Corbett refuses to implement a reasonable 5 percent severance tax that will help fund all of Pennsylvania's schools.

    After four years of underfunding our schools, Governor Corbett continues to play political games while still avoiding the tough decisions. Governor Corbett's misplaced priorities have decimated schools across Pennsylvania.

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