We will always fight to protect a woman’s right to choose

Frances and I are proud to stand with women and their families for access to reproductive healthcare — and we’ll always fight to protect a woman’s constitutional right to choose.

We’ve volunteered together at Planned Parenthood, and we’ve seen the difficult decisions many women have to make in consultation with their doctor. In April, we invited several families from across Pennsylvania to Harrisburg to share their stories about those very decisions:

“It was our 20-week ultrasound and my husband and I were excited. We expected to get cute ultrasound photos to share with our families and go home to tell our three-year-old son that he’d be getting a little brother or sister. Instead, our ultrasound revealed devastating news — news that I wish no parent should ever have to hear.” – Kelsey Williams

“We were told that our son’s condition was not only incredibly rare but also beyond repair. In a situation I never could have predicted — where I’d never had a choice for the spontaneous development of my son’s syndrome — I was at least allowed the decision to spare him an existence of prolonged pain, or worse.” – Erica Goldblatt Hayatt

“My husband squeezed my hand and I tried not to panic. Then the Doctor told us our baby had a form of dwarfism so severe that her chance of survival was incredibly low, actually non-existent, incompatible with life. I want people to know that abortion is not about the unwanted, the unvalued, and the unknown babies of the world. Abortion is my story and what happened to my family. The decision we made for Evelyn was made because her life mattered to us.” – Karen Agatone

Unfortunately, the General Assembly chose not to listen to families, doctors, or constitutional experts and passed one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country.

HB1948 would force women to carry a pregnancy to term with no chance of survival — and it prohibits a woman’s right to have an abortion, even in the case of rape or incest.

This legislation is wrong and I will veto it if HB1948 reaches my desk — say you’re with me and call on the state Senate to reject this attack on women’s rights.

Additionally, this bill is unconstitutional because it changes from 24 weeks to 20 weeks the time for an abortion. The Supreme Court has held that a state cannot regulate abortions before 24 weeks.

This legislation would be a step backward for women and for Pennsylvania. I urge the Senate to reject it. If this reaches my desk, I will veto it. This is a bad bill for Pennsylvania and we cannot afford to allow it to go forward.

Say you’re with me and stand with women, families, and doctors across Pennsylvania — sign the petition.

Thank you.