Tom Wolf: I’ll veto SB3 and fight for women’s rights

Just two weeks ago, millions of Americans took part in one of the largest protests in history to stand up for women’s rights — including tens of thousands right here in Pennsylvania.

But some members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly seem to have missed the message that women’s rights are human rights. Instead of listening to women, doctors, and the Supreme Court, they are rushing to vote on SB3, the most extreme anti-choice bill in the country.

If this unconstitutional, extreme legislation passes and lands on my desk, I will veto it.

I’m proud to stand with women and their families for access to reproductive healthcare — chip in $3 or more before Monday’s vote to show Harrisburg you’re standing with me to protect a woman’s constitutional right to choose.

SB3 would prevent doctors from informing patients about all their health care options and force women to carry a pregnancy to term with no chance of survival — and it even prohibits a woman’s right to have an abortion in the case of rape or incest.

We’ve already seen what happens when extreme politicians deny women their rights and put their health in jeopardy. Before the Supreme Court struck down HB2 in Texas, dozens of women’s health clinics closed — forcing many to drive 70 miles or more to see a doctor. The average wait time for an appointment went from five days to 23 days. A woman was forced to deliver a stillborn baby because of extreme legislation has that no basis in medicine.

But the sponsors of this bill want to ignore all that to serve extreme special interests instead of Pennsylvania women and families. They won’t even hold hearings before voting on Monday.

We need to work together and show these extreme members that we’ll never stop fighting for women’s rights –chip in before Monday’s vote.

Thank you.