Frances Wolf: Here’s why Tom fought to keep baseball jobs in PA

There’s only three things Tom nearly loves as much as me and the girls: Pennsylvania, his Jeep, and baseball.

So when I learned that the company that makes Major League Baseball apparel for every game in the country was being acquired and could close their plant in Easton, I knew Tom would do everything he could to make sure the plant remained open.

Because, as Tom has told me countless times, baseball is about more than batting averages, runs, and ERA — it’s about bringing people together and being a part of a community.

Just like Tom, I love seeing MLB shirts on TV and knowing they were made by the hard-working people of our state. And I’m proud to know that, thanks to Tom, they’ll continue to be made here.

If you’re proud to support our baseball-loving governor too, I hope you’ll share the article about how Tom fought for baseball jobs in Pennsylvania.

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