The facts are in on Trumpcare

By: Jeff Sheridan

23 million — that’s how many Americans will lose their healthcare if the Senate passes Trumpcare, according to a frightening new analysis by the Congressional Budget Office.

Approximately 1.3 million of them will come from Pennsylvania — and many will lose access to their doctor, their jobs, their homes, and even their lives without healthcare. More than 700,000 of them are children, seniors, people with disabilities, and others who receive care thanks to Medicaid expansion under Governor Wolf.

Even those who continue to have access to insurance may discover that pre-existing conditions are no longer covered, and others could see their premiums skyrocket. Low-income seniors could see their rates jump up as much as 800%.

Speaker Ryan and House Republicans knew the numbers would be devastating — that’s why they tried to rush Trumpcare through Congress before the CBO report could be released.

Now that the facts are in, we can’t waste a second. Governor Wolf needs your help to build pressure to stop Trumpcare once again.

From the very beginning, Governor Wolf has been putting pressure on President Trump and Congressional Republicans to reject Trumpcare.

He’s written letters to the White House, Pennsylvania’s Congressional delegation, and even offered to take Speaker Ryan on a tour of medical centers where 125,000 Pennsylvanians have sought life-saving addiction treatment thanks to Medicaid expansion.

And along the way, grassroots supporters like you have written your own letters, made calls, and signed petitions to help build public pressure. The tidal wave of opposition helped push four Republicans from Pennsylvania to vote no on Trumpcare in the House, but this fight isn’t over.

Help Governor Wolf stop President Trump’s assault on affordable healthcare for working people — add your name and tell the U.S. Senate to reject Trumpcare:

Thank you.