Have you heard from Phyllis?

When Phyllis Gallagher’s husband, John, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, he had to go to a nursing home — but without Medicaid, they would not be able to afford this vital care.

John and Phyllis are like millions of other families across Pennsylvania. They rely on Medicaid, a program that helps children, seniors, and people with disabilities and illnesses get access to life-saving care that they cannot afford otherwise.

Governor Wolf knows that Medicaid can mean the difference getting care or not, and in some cases, it can mean life and death. That’s why under Governor Wolf’s leadership, more than 715,000 Pennsylvanians have gained health insurance from expanded Medicaid, and there are no doubt thousands of stories just like Phyllis and John’s.

It’s stories like these that remind me of what I’m fighting for every day.

As a former business owner, Tom Wolf made sure that all of his employees had good health coverage because he knew that healthy workers were the cornerstone of his business and critical to building a strong middle class. He has carried that principle to Harrisburg as governor.

Today, he’s fighting attempts by Washington and Harrisburg politicians to destroy Medicaid by turning it into block grants that would throw people just like John out of nursing homes and off long-term care. Their plans would also take coverage away from seniors, children, and the disabled.

Medicaid expansion is making a real difference in the lives of people, and we can’t let politicians in Washington and Harrisburg play games with healthcare. Since Governor Wolf expanded Medicaid, Pennsylvania’s uninsured rate has dropped to an all-time low of 5.6 percent, well below the national average of 9.1 percent.

We have a lot of progress to defend and millions of Pennsylvanians to protect. We need to stand with Governor Wolf so he can continue to stand up for the poor, the sick, and the elderly who are at risk of losing their care — even when no one else will.