Governor Wolf Highlights Growth of Pennsylvania’s Solar Energy Sector

Governor Wolf visited Elizabethtown College in Lancaster County to announce legislation that will prioritize renewable solar energy in Pennsylvania. This is just the latest step in Governor Wolf’s commitment to making Pennsylvania an energy leader.

“We’re making sure the benefits of increased renewable jobs, a cleaner environment, and a growing renewable economy is going to be felt right here in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania,” said Governor Wolf

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Gov. Wolf on Monday lauded a change to the state’s Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards Act that prohibits out-of-state solar power from qualifying for renewable-energy credits. The change, included in an omnibus bill signed into law Oct. 30, is intended to lift Pennsylvania’s solar industry, and give a boost to owners of solar systems.

Standing in front of the largest solar array on a college campus in Pennsylvania, Governor Wolf announced that the newly-signed legislation prioritizes solar power produced in Pennsylvania and will expand the credits for Pennsylvania-based solar arrays.

Lancaster Newspapers explains:

Currently, 26 percent of the solar renewable energy used in Pennsylvania is generated from outside the state’s borders.

That has resulted in a glut of solar power from out of state being offered for sale through credits. The new legislation still allows solar energy to be purchased from out of state but it cannot earn credits.

The hope is that the new in-state credit restriction will pump up the monetary value of credits for Pennsylvania-produced solar and, in turn, increase the incentive to build more solar projects and equipment in the state.

Solar energy is one of the fastest growing sources of energy in the world. The legislation helps Pennsylvania be a leader in this industry and will promote environmental conservation and the construction of new solar energy resources throughout the commonwealth. It also means that solar power generated in Pennsylvania is being used right here in Pennsylvania.