Governor Wolf Stands up for PA Medical Marijuana Patients

In April 2016, Governor Wolf signed a bipartisan bill that legalized medical marijuana in Pennsylvania. Since then, the Department of Health has worked diligently to implement the state’s medical marijuana program, which will improve the quality of life for patients and families throughout the state. Just last week, the state’s first medical marijuana dispensary in Bethlehem received the green light to begin selling.

Yet Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ recent announcement that the Trump administration will renew tough federal enforcement of marijuana laws, regardless of state laws, puts all of this progress in jeopardy. Governor Wolf wasted no time standing up to the Attorney General. As The Times describes:

“Gov. Tom Wolf and Auditor General Eugene DePasquale took U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to task Thursday for rescinding Obama administration directives that eased the enforcement of federal drug laws in states that had legalized marijuana.”

In the last year, Governor Wolf has sent three letters in an attempt to protect Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program– one to Attorney General Sessions, one to the Pennsylvania delegation, and one to Congressional leaders.

The governor emphasized that the actions of the Trump administration threaten the quality of life of Pennsylvanians who are desperate for relief, but that he will continue to do everything in his power to protect the medical marijuana program. He said,  “Despite backwards moves by the Trump administration, I will continue to protect cancer patients, kids with epilepsy, veterans with PTSD and all Pennsylvanians seeking relief from legal medical marijuana. In Pennsylvania, we legalized medical marijuana in an overwhelming and bipartisan fashion, and we are months away from getting this medicine to patients that need it.”

Governor Wolf is steadfast in his commitment to standing up to the Trump administration and fighting tirelessly for the rights of the people of Pennsylvania to obtain medical relief and an improved quality of life through legal medical marijuana.