Karen’s Story

In 2015, Karen Agatone found out that her daughter had a lethal genetic abnormality and would die within the womb or shortly after birth. Karen, in consultation with her family and doctors, made the difficult decision to end her pregnancy at 21 weeks so that her daughter wouldn’t needlessly suffer.

Karen’s story is why Governor Wolf fights for women’s rights.

“It’s a huge sense of relief to know that I live in a state where my Governor, Governor Wolf, puts his full trust in me to make decisions for my own body and my own family,” said Karen Agatone. “If it weren’t for me being able to choose what was best for my family and what was best for my first baby, I wouldn’t have my son today.”

Governor Wolf is a long time supporter of a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions. That’s why when the Republican legislature sent him the most restrictive anti-choice bill in the country, he vetoed the bill. He believes that the people of Pennsylvania should be free to make their own decisions, and that government shouldn’t intrude into the doctor’s office.

At a time when Republicans in Washington D.C. and Harrisburg are launching assault after assault on women’s rights, Governor Wolf has never been stronger in his commitment to standing up against the Republicans and fighting for the rights of the women of Pennsylvania.

He’s fought for equal pay for equal work, increased access to birth control, and launched “It’s On Us PA,” the first statewide campaign to address the crisis of sexual assault in schools and on college campuses.

Under Governor Wolf’s leadership, Pennsylvania has made a lot of progress to protect and expand women’s rights. And we need to make sure we defend and continue that progress.