Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Ready to Provide Relief for Patients

Thanks to families that told their stories and advocated for long-awaited medical relief, Governor Wolf signed off on a bipartisan bill to legalize medical marijuana legalization on April 17, 2016.

Today this bipartisan legislative achievement is becoming a reality. A Bethlehem medical marijuana dispensary is the first in the state to earn final approval to begin serving patients. Lehigh Valley Live reports:

“Gov. Tom Wolf said Thursday that Keystone Canna Remedies will be able to sell medical marijuana to Pennsylvanians with medical marijuana identification cards once grower/processors begin distribution, sometime in the next four months.”

In announcing the approval of the dispensary, Governor Wolf remarked on how the opening of these dispensaries will benefit patients and improve their quality of life. “This is tremendous news for patients and the people who care for them,” he said. “We are one step closer to providing medical marijuana to patients with serious medical conditions who desperately need this medication.”

The success of the Medical Marijuana Program thus far demonstrates that what began as a bipartisan legislative achievement has won support from the medical community and general public for the relief and improved quality of life it will have for patients who so badly need it. Despite assaults from Washington on state’s rights to legalize marijuana, Governor Wolf remains steadfast in his commitment to protecting this access to health care for Pennsylvanians and standing up to the Trump administration.