Governor Wolf continues to Take On Status Quo

Yesterday Governor Wolf rolled out his 2018-2019 budget plan. After donning an Eagles hat and congratulating the team on their historic Super Bowl win, the governor announced that he is continuing his fight to change Harrisburg by investing in issues important to Pennsylvania families. Some of these include:


Education: Governor Wolf is making an additional investment in public education. This funding will go towards early childhood education programs such as Pre-K Counts and Head Start, Special Education, and Career and Technical Education.

Workforce Development: The governor announced a first-of-its-kind strategic investment in job training. This investment includes PAsmart– an initiative dedicated to making sure students and workers gain the 21st century skills necessary to get good jobs that employers demand.

Severance Tax: Pennsylvania is the only major gas producing state that does not impose a severance tax on oil and gas. Governor Wolf reaffirmed his call for the legislature to pass a modest, commonsense severance tax to make oil and gas drillers pay their fair share.


The governor also called for increased efficiency in state agencies,  the reduction of waiting lists for child care assistance and services for those with autism and intellectual disabilities, bolstering home and community-based care for seniors, and a continued commitment to the fight against the opioid crisis.

Governor Wolf’s budget proposal builds on his accomplishments from the past few years and moves forward on his top priorities of education, workforce development, health care, and government efficiency.

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“His budget proposal would prioritize education funding and workforce development initiatives while once again calling for a natural gas severance tax….”

City and State Pennsylvania


“In his fourth and last budget presentation of his first term, Wolf told a joint session of the legislature that he believes “we have finally begun to tame the fiscal beast that haunts Harrisburg,” predicting that that will smooth the way to a swifter budget resolution this year.”

Philadelphia Inquirer


“Job training and college readiness were highlights of Gov. Tom Wolf’s budget address Tuesday as he proposed a $40 million investment in a new program intended to bolster career and technical education programs across the state.”

-Pittsburgh Tribune Review