With Fair Congressional Map Secured, Pennsylvania Sees Surge in Candidates Running for Congress

Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court and a federal panel of judges rejected Republican challenges to Pennsylvania’s new congressional map, which was redrawn by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court last month. This ruling ensures that Pennsylvanians can go to the polls in 2018 confident that they are voting in districts that are fair and that their voices will be heard.

Additionally, as candidates realized that new maps meant they could finally run in fair and competitive districts, the commonwealth saw a surge of candidates filing to run for Congress. According to the Associated Press:

“An avalanche of would-be candidates filed to run for Congress in Pennsylvania ahead of Tuesday’s deadline, taking advantage of more competitive districts and far surpassing candidate numbers in the three elections since Pennsylvania dropped to 18 U.S. House seats.”

Governor Wolf has been at the forefront of the battle to secure a fair congressional map for Pennsylvania. He rejected an equally gerrymandered map that was presented to him by Republican legislative leaders last month, which ultimately led to the state Supreme Court drawing its own maps.

“I applaud these decisions that will allow the upcoming election to move forward with the new and fair congressional maps.” Governor Wolf said of the Supreme Court’s ruling. “The people of Pennsylvania are tired of gerrymandering and the new map corrects past mistakes that created unfair Congressional Districts and attempted to diminish the impact of citizens’ votes.”

Governor Wolf remains dedicated to protecting Pennsylvanians’ constitutional right to fair and free elections. He knows that our democracy flourishes with more, diverse voices at the table and when all citizens feel that their voices will be heard.