Governor Wolf Calls for Commonsense Gun Safety Reform

Today Governor Wolf stood alongside Acting State Police Commissioner Lt. Col. Robert Evanchick, legislators and stakeholders to call for legislation that will keep Pennsylvanians safer.

KDKA News Radio reported:

“As many Americans continue to call for gun reform, Governor Tom Wolf is urging state lawmakers to pass commonsense gun safety legislation, including universal background checks.”

Governor Wolf urged lawmakers to pass legislation that would require everyone who wants to purchase a firearm to go through the State Police background check. There are currently dangerous loopholes in Pennsylvania gun laws that do not require a background check for certain firearms transactions. Instituting a universal background check system would prevent guns from getting into the hands of dangerous individuals.

The governor also called for the House to quickly send him Senate Bill 501, so that he can sign it into law. This legislation prevents domestic abusers with protection from abuse orders from owning or possessing guns.

“All of Pennsylvania’s citizens have the right to live happy, healthy lives free from fear about their and their family’s personal safety,” Governor Wolf said. “Unfortunately, in the past decades we have seen that sense of security, that sense of safety, threatened. I am calling on the legislature to take up additional commonsense gun reform bills that will help us close dangerous loopholes and keep weapons out of the hands of individuals who pose a threat to Pennsylvania’s citizens.