Governor Wolf Announces $180 Million to Fix PA’s Roads

Last week, Governor Wolf announced that PennDOT will launch Resurface PA– an aggressive new initiative dedicated to repaving interstates and attacking potholes across the commonwealth.

As reported by The Associated Press:

“Pennsylvania drivers will be getting some relief from pockmarked roadways in the form of $180 million to fill in potholes and perform other work after the ravages of a tough winter.”

After a harsh and drawn-out winter, Pennsylvania’s roads have been left in a state of much-needed repair. Through the Governor’s new investment, 17 interstate paving and preservation projects covering 255 miles of roadway will be completed two years ahead of schedule and will preserve pavement surfaces for at least five to six years.

Governor Wolf’s administration is dedicated to improving infrastructure throughout the commonwealth. “PennDOT has been at work on this problem for many months, but the severe temperature swings through the winter have created ideal conditions for continued pavement challenges,” he said. “We are further increasing our focus on pothole repairs and also accelerating work on our interstates.”