Governor Wolf is Fighting to Change Harrisburg. Scott Wagner is the Very Worst of Harrisburg.

TO: Interested Parties

FROM: Jeff Sheridan, Wolf for PA Campaign Manager

SUBJECT: Governor Wolf is Fighting to Change Harrisburg. Scott Wagner is the Very Worst of Harrisburg.

DATE: May 17, 2018


The gubernatorial general election has finally kicked off and the difference between the two candidates could not be any starker.

Since the day he took office, Governor Tom Wolf has been fighting to change Harrisburg and move Pennsylvania forward.

Scott Wagner, on the other hand, is the very worst of Harrisburg – beholden to lobbyists and special interests – and only wants to roll back the progress Pennsylvania has made under Governor Wolf.

Here’s a look at some of the key differences between Governor Wolf and Scott Wagner.


Governor Wolf has repeatedly pushed for the legislature to pass a commonsense severance tax that has been adopted by every other gas-producing state in the country such as Texas, Oklahoma, and West Virginia. Pennsylvania gas is being used by citizens in other states tax free while Pennsylvanians have to pay taxes on gas from other states.

There’s no greater example of Scott Wagner’s obstructionist tactics than his opposition to the severance tax. No one has done the bidding of big oil and gas more than Scott Wagner. Wagner was even caught conspiring with House Republican leadership to kill a severance tax to hurt Governor Wolf’s re-election, and reports show that big oil and gas has spent over $60 million dollars on lobbying and political donations to avoid paying a commonsense severance tax. Scott Wagner has repeatedly sided with big oil and gas lobbyists over Pennsylvanians.


Governor Wolf knows that for Pennsylvania to reach its greatest potential, residents must have access to affordable, quality health care. Governor Wolf expanded Medicaid to over 720,000 Pennsylvanians, reduced the uninsured rate to its lowest rate ever, increased enrollment in the Children’s Health Insurance Program by 20 percent, and legalized medical marijuana.

Scott Wagner wants to roll back Medicaid expansion, which would kick seniors out of nursing homes, deny treatment to those suffering from substance use disorder, and strip health care from those with disabilities. As governor, he would put pharmaceutical companies and the insurance industry ahead of ensuring Pennsylvanians have access to affordable, quality health care. Wagner has also supported Donald Trump’s crusade to destroy the Affordable Care Act, which would kick millions off their health care, raise costs for middle class families and seniors, and gut protections for people with preexisting conditions and increase premiums for Pennsylvanians.


Under Governor Wolf, tens of thousands of additional seniors will be able to age in their homes. Governor Wolf is also protecting the lottery fund that supports important programs for older Pennsylvanians, improving nursing home facilities, and upgrading senior community centers. Governor Wolf is also lowering prescription drug prices for seniors and has stood up to Donald Trump’s plans to institute an age tax.

Scott Wagner wants to gut Medicaid, which would strip health care from Pennsylvania’s seniors and kick them out of nursing homes with nowhere to turn. He also wants to tax seniors’ retirement and he supported Donald Trump’s plan to charge an age tax on seniors’ health care plans.


Governor Wolf has restored the $1 billion cuts to education made by the Republican legislature in the previous administration and passed a fair funding formula to take politics out of school funding once and for all. And now, Governor Wolf is fighting to make college more affordable and to increase workforce development and apprenticeship training.

Scott Wagner wants to take us back to the days when Harrisburg Republicans cut public education by $1 billion, leading to mass teacher layoffs, cuts to important programs like pre-kindergarten, and larger class sizes. Wagner even advocated for laying off 10% of all teachers in Pennsylvania.  Scott Wagner as governor would put the future of Pennsylvania’s children at risk by not providing them with the skills necessary for a 21st century workforce.