Governor Wolf Works to End Cycle of Mass Incarceration

Last week, Governor Wolf stood with artist “Meek Mill” Williams, 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin, as well as half a dozen legislators including Congressman Dwight Evans, Senator Larry Farnese, and Representatives Jordan Harris, Joanna McClinton, Donna Bullock, and Morgan Cephas in a call-to-action for criminal justice reform.

As WHYY reported:

“The governor called on the state House to pass a trio of bills recently approved the state Senate that would release nonviolent offenders more quickly and help move more prisoners into substance abuse programs, while also pumping more dollars into probation and parole programs across the state.”

The governor’s plan is focused on rehabilitation and victim protection while providing consistency and uniformity in the criminal justice system. These reforms will work to end the cycle of mass incarceration.

“We need to do the work to make our criminal justice system fairer, more equitable, and more focused on rehabilitation,” Governor Wolf said. “Since I became Governor, I have worked hard to reform our system so that it leads to better outcomes and saves taxpayer dollars – while also leading to less crime and fewer victims. Let’s continue to work towards building the criminal justice system we all want to see in Pennsylvania.”

Meek Mill, who was recently released from prison after serving five months of a two- to four-year sentence for a probation violation on a decade-old conviction, expressed his support for Governor Wolf’s initiatives, saying, “I’m greatly encouraged by the Governor’s commitment to ensuring a fair sentencing process and ultimately ending the unjust cycle of incarceration in our state.”