Scott Wagner is the Very Worst of Harrisburg

PENNSYLVANIA – Tonight, Harrisburg insider Scott Wagner won the Republican nomination for governor after a primary campaign that has been described as the most brutal in modern Pennsylvania history.

“Scott Wagner is the very worst of Harrisburg,” said Jeff Sheridan, campaign manager for Tom Wolf for Governor. “Leading the Republican legislature, Scott Wagner has been standing in the way of progress and blocking efforts to change Harrisburg and help Pennsylvania families. There’s no greater example of Wagner’s obstructionist tactics than his opposition to the severance tax. Wagner was even caught conspiring with House Republican leadership to kill a severance tax to hurt Governor Wolf’s re-election, and reports show that big oil and gas has spent over $60 million dollars on lobbying and political donations to avoid paying a commonsense severance tax. Scott Wagner is not on the side of Pennsylvanians and his record of obstruction makes clear he will take Pennsylvania backward.”