Wolf Campaign Launches New Ad, “Hold Us Back”

PENNSYLVANIA  – Today, the Wolf campaign launched a new ad to highlight how Governor Wolf is fighting to change Harrisburg and move Pennsylvania forward.

CLICK HERE TO PLAY: https://youtu.be/2Ckfz611-qI


Ordinary Pennsylvanians live lives that have many, many challenges.

One of the reasons I ran for this office was because I wanted to move Pennsylvania forward and I knew that to do that, I had to take on the powers that be and to change the way business was done in Harrisburg.

I think our political system holds us back from the future we deserve and our government should be looking out for 12.8 million Pennsylvanians, not just a handful of lobbyists. We need to change that.

As soon as he took office, Governor Wolf immediately sent Harrisburg legislators, insiders, and lobbyists a signal that he was not going to do things the way they were always done. He announced that he would donate his salary to charity and would refuse a state pension and enacted some of the strongest executive branch ethics reforms in the country.  He:

  • Signed an executive order banning anyone in his administration from taking gifts.

  • Reformed the legal contracting process to end pay-to-play.

  • Required all of his cabinet’s expenses to be posted publicly so taxpayers can see how their money is spent.

But Governor Wolf is continuing his fight to change Harrisburg. He is pushing for a full gift ban for the legislature, reforming the legislature’s per diem process to make it more transparent and accountable to taxpayers, and stopping pay to legislators and their top staff, as well as the governor and top officials in the executive branch, until a complete budget is passed.