Governor Wolf Takes Action on Equal Pay

Yesterday, Governor Tom Wolf took matters into his own hands to combat the gender pay gap which is plaguing Pennsylvania’s women, families, and businesses.

The Pittsburgh Business Times reports:

“Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf signed an executive order regarding applicants to state agencies and salary history in hopes of helping to close the gender pay gap.”

The executive order directs state agencies under the governor’s jurisdiction to no longer ask job applicants their salary history during the hiring process, to base salaries on job responsibilities, position pay range, and the applicant’s job knowledge and skills, and to clearly explain the pay range on job postings.

Pennsylvania women make just 79 cents for every dollar a man makes– a gap of 21%. This gap costs women an average of $10,000 a year and makes it harder to for them to buy homes, pay for college, and provide for their families.

“The gender wage gap is wrong,” said Governor Wolf. “It’s wrong for women, wrong for families, wrong for business, and wrong for the economy of Pennsylvania. This executive order begins to end this discriminatory practice, so that women hired by the commonwealth are paid what they deserve, and the wage gap does not follow them to a state job.”

Governor Wolf also called on the General Assembly to pass similar protections for all working women in Pennsylvania.