Governor Wolf Sees Results of Workforce and Economic Development Investments in Action

Yesterday, Governor Wolf got to see his workforce and economic development programs in action. He visited two central Pennsylvania companies who both received support from these programs– Champion Modular in Juniata County and Playworld in Union County.

According to the Daily Item:

“Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf’s tour of Central Pennsylvania on Thursday brought him to Playworld, a company that has received funding through the administration’s workforce and economic development programs. Supported through that program, Playworld has trained more than 250 workers over the past few years, Wolf noted.”

“It’s wonderful to see the incredible work being done at these facilities and I’m proud that the commonwealth has partnered with businesses that are committed to investing in their employees and their local communities,” said Governor Wolf.

Through a 2016 project with the Governor’s Action Team, Champion Modular was able to reopen a vacant manufacturing facility, leading to significant investment in the region’s local economy and the rehiring of many of the workers.

Governor Wolf then visited a playground equipment manufacturer, Playworld, in Union County. With the support of the Wolf administration’s incumbent workers training program, Playwork has trained more than 250 workers over the past few years.

Playworld CEO Joe Copeland was present to greet Governor Wolf. “We wanted to thank the governor for the support they’ve given us through their workforce programs that provides funding for us to provide training sessions for our employees,” he said. “Programs that emphasize safety, new skills in terms of manufacturing, programmable skills. The Commonwealth has been a strong advocate in helping us invest in our folks.”