Scott Wagner’s Awful Week in Review

Philadelphia, PA – If it’s Friday, that means we are wrapping up yet another week in which Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner was hiding critical information from voters, pushing lies about Governor Wolf, and reminding us all how truly out of touch he is with the people of Pennsylvania. Let’s debrief:

Wagner woke up Monday morning to see that PennLive Morning Coffee reported that he is the first gubernatorial candidate in over 20 years not to release his tax returns while his company, Penn Waste, is raising rates on small business owners and consumers. Later in the week, State Senators Jay Costa and Vincent Hughes demanded Wagner release his tax returns, questioning what he is trying to hide from the people of Pennsylvania.

Editorial boards across the commonwealth similarly took issue with Wagner’s lack of transparency. The Daily Item, PennLive, and the Times-Tribune all published scathing editorials in which they called on Wagner to release his tax returns. Wagner seems to not have received the message because he is still refusing to give Pennsylvanians the answers they deserve.

Meanwhile, Wagner is still facing harsh criticism for lying about Governor Wolf’s education record. On Tuesday, Governor Wolf called out Wagner’s big education lie, emphasizing that he has fully restored the billion dollar cut to education made by Harrisburg Republicans while Wagner supported and continues to advocate for cuts to our schools. On Wednesday, PennLive reiterated that Wagner is spreading fake news, calling his claim that Governor Wolf wants to cut education funding a “well-documented falsehood” that has “been thoroughly debunked.”

If Wagner’s refusal to heed calls to release his tax returns and insistence on pushing fake news isn’t enough evidence of how out of touch he is, then a 2015 video that is circulating really puts the cherry on the cake. The video shows Wagner saying schools are overfunded while sitting in a helicopter he chartered for the sole purpose of showing a reporter school campuses he believes prove schools are overfunded.

If you’re shocked about how much Wagner got wrong in only one week, just imagine what four years with him as governor would bring.

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