What’s at Stake: Seniors’ Wellbeing

By 2025, more than one in five Pennsylvania residents will be 65 or older. Pennsylvania needs a governor that will protect seniors. Governor Wolf has:

  • Invested in senior community centers in order to upgrade technology and facilities to give the centers the resources needed to revitalize and expand the services that enrich the lives or our senior population.
  • Launched the Community HealthChoices program which helps to ensure seniors can age at home and receive quality care in their communities. This program has resulted in 50,000 additional seniors (a 41 percent increase) being able to age in their homes.
  • Stabilized the Lottery Fund, which supports important senior programs, including property tax and rent rebates, free transit and reduced-fare shared rides, low-cost prescription drug programs (PACE/PACENET), long-term living services, and Older Americans Act services.
  • Saved more than 180,000 seniors from losing their Medicare Advantage health plans.
  • Lowered prescription drug prices for seniors.
  • Supported efforts to modernize, improve, and address the critical problems with social security, without placing the program under private management.

Scott Wagner would be disastrous for our seniors. If he was governor, he would:

  • Roll back Medicaid expansion, which would strip health care from Pennsylvania’s seniors and kick them out of nursing homes with nowhere to turn.
  • Tax seniors’ retirement accounts.
  • Cut millions of dollars from the Department of Human Services, which would be devastating for senior citizens who rely on Medicaid Assistance for long-term care.
  • Allow seniors’ prescription drug costs to skyrocket.
  • Continue to disrespect seniors who have worked all their lives. Scott Wagner called seniors, “greedy.”