Governor Wolf Commemorates Labor Day with Hardworking Pennsylvanians

Governor Wolf spent Labor Day with the hardworking people of Pennsylvania. He visited the Philadelphia AFL-CIO and then attended picnics with AFT Pennsylvania, IBEW 5, Steamfitters, Bricklayers, and SEIU in Pittsburgh.

In light of recent attacks on unions and workers’ rights from Republicans in Washington and Harrisburg, Governor Wolf took the opportunity to assure workers that he will not waver in his commitment to protecting their rights. The U.S. Supreme Court decision on Janus v. AFSCME was the latest effort to deny workers the dignity and respect they deserve and is a major step backward for working families and the middle class. Immediately following the Janus ruling, the Wolf Administration took steps to reinforce the commonwealth’s policy that allows employees the right to:

  • Organize through their chosen representative unions
  • Bargain with the commonwealth
  • Enter into collective bargaining agreements
  • Organize freely and without fear of reprisal

Governor Wolf reiterated his promise yesterday to do everything in his power to stand up against any attacks on unions and efforts to roll back their rights. By re-electing Governor Wolf, Pennsylvanians will have a leader who will continue to:

  • Fight against so-called right to work legislation
  • Stand in the way of attempts to weaken prevailing wage laws
  • Stop efforts to destroy project labor agreements
  • Oppose Harrisburg politicians who want to undermine local efforts to provide commonsense benefits like paid sick leave
  • Protect worker’s ability to fight for higher wages, good benefits, and worker protections
  • Veto paycheck deception and other efforts to weaken unions

Unions in our country have fought for and won protections that we all enjoy, including the 40-hour work week, weekends, paid time off, and improved conditions for those who are trying to make ends meet. Unions don’t just improve the lives of our workers– they improve the lives of everyone in our society. Governor Wolf will continue to stand for the working men and women of Pennsylvania and will be our last line of defense against anti-worker policies.