DIGITAL AD LAUNCH: Wolf Campaign Launches New Video Highlighting Unhinged Scott Wagner’s Violent History

Pennsylvania – On the heels of Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner’s viral video in which he threatened Governor Wolf with physical violence, the Wolf campaign is launching a new digital ad to highlight Wagner’s history of aggression.

“Scott Wagner’s despicable rant last week is part of his unfortunate pattern of violence and aggression,” said Beth Melena, communications director for the Wolf campaign. “Wagner once boasted about carrying around latex gloves because things were going to get bloody with him in Harrisburg, he graphically detailed to a news anchor what it would look like if he choked him, and he physically assaulted an activist. Scott Wagner is unhinged and unfit to be governor.”



Wagner Threatened To Stomp On Governor Wolf’s Face With Golf Spikes. “Pennsylvania’s Republican candidate for governor had some advice Friday for his Democratic opponent: Put on a catcher’s mask because ‘I’m going to stomp all over your face with golf spikes.’” [Associated Press, 10/12/18]

VIDEO: Wagner, Putting On Latex Gloves: With Me In Leadership, The Next Six Months “Are Gonna Get A Little Bloody,” But “I Carry Gloves Just In Case.” In August 2014, Wagner made a speech to the York 912 Patriots group. As he pulled on latex gloves, he said, “I would say that the next six months in Harrisburg, with me up there in leadership, are gonna get a little bloody. So, you know what, I’m not getting blood on my hands. Just so you know, I carry gloves just in case.” [York 912 Patriots Meeting, 8/21/14]

VIDEO: Wagner Described In Detail To The Host Of A Television Show What Would Happen If He Choked Him. Wagner said on Behind the Headlines, “Now Charlie, I asked you earlier before the show, and I didn’t want to startle you, but I asked you a question. If I would take my hands and I were to wrap them around your neck and start choking you, what would happen? We discussed briefly that you would turn the color of your shirt and then within another minute you’d turn darker like your sport coat. And then you would eventually just hit the ground. Well, we’re being choked in business. And this isn’t just Penn Waste. This is, you know, construction companies, beer distributors, trucking companies, you know a cat dealer.” [Behind the Headlines, 9/19/11]

HEADLINE: Angry Sen. Wagner Takes Man’s Camera In York During Speech. “In an otherwise uneventful gathering at the Country Club of York Tuesday, state senator and gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner spotted an opposition “tracker” – a person who follows politicians to different venues and records them — filming him from the back of the room. Breaking off his speech to the York County Estate Planning Council, Wagner approached the man and, over the cameraman’s protests, took his camera.” [York Daily Record, 5/03/17]

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