Governor Wolf Endorsed by Editorial Boards across the Commonwealth

Pennsylvania – Editorial boards across the commonwealth are endorsing Governor Tom Wolf for re-election, highlighting the progress Pennsylvania has made under his leadership and his plans to continue moving Pennsylvania forward. Read what the editorial boards had to say below:

Philadelphia Inquirer: Tom Wolf is our choice for governor | Editorial

The choice between the two Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidates couldn’t be more dramatic: mild-mannered, steady-handed incumbent Tom Wolf vs. brash, pugilistic Republican challenger Scott Wagner.

We’ll take the calm one.

Tom Wolf gets our endorsement not just for his demeanor, but because he has made strides on some important issues in the face of some serious disadvantages.

Erie Times News: Our view: Tom Wolf has earned re-election

With Wolf’s first term winding down and the election approaching, the measure now is whether Pennsylvania is better off than at the start of his tenure. It is. That’s the primary reason why the Erie Times-News Editorial Board recommends that the governor be re-elected.

Scranton Times-Tribune and Wilkes-Barre Citizens’ Voice: Wolf’s steady hand earns new term

Wolf has been a soft-spoken voice of moderation and reform during his first term and his re-election campaign. Wagner has been the booming voice of volatility, one-dimensional far-right policy and the embodiment of tribalism and political polarization… The Times-Tribune editorial board endorses Wolf based on merit, a record that withstands Wagner’s bombast and points to the prospect of further progress in a second term.

York Daily Record: Gov. Tom Wolf should be re-elected governor

The state’s finances are in much better shape. [Governor Wolf] can point to improvements in government efficiency. His administration is super ethical compared to previous regimes (gift bans, etc.). The state’s absurd liquor system has been reformed… We now have medical marijuana.

Yes, things have improved in Pennsylvania – and they’ve happened under Mr. Wolf’s watch.

Bucks County Courier Times: We recommend Tom Wolf for PA Governor

Incumbent Governor Tom Wolf has made education, health care and the opioid crisis priorities in his administration and is looking to the future on important issues that include gerrymandering and campaign finance reform. He is on the right side of those issues.


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