Governor Wolf Receives Another Endorsement from Wolf and Wagner’s Hometown Paper

Pennsylvania – Today, Governor Wolf and Scott Wagner’s hometown newspaper, The York Dispatch, endorsed Governor Wolf for re-election. Governor Wolf has now received the endorsement of both York newspapers, as the York Daily Record also endorsed him last week. Both editorial boards praised the progress Pennsylvania has made under Governor Wolf’s leadership and emphasized that Scott Wagner’s unhinged temperament makes him unfit for office. Read more from the York Dispatch’s endorsement below:

… Wolf has emerged as a steady and steadying presence in Harrisburg, where he has overseen fiscal stability and led sure-handed responses to some of the state’s — and era’s — most pressing social issues.

His efforts to battle the explosive opioid crisis, for example, has been far-reaching and effective.

From establishing dozens of treatment centers to arming police officers and school officials with overdose-reversing drugs, the governor has brought resources and support where they’ve been most badly needed.

Wolf’s efforts to expand and coordinate resources to counter sexual assaults in schools and colleges through the “It’s On Us PA” campaign has been similarly timely and effective.

More important than past accomplishments, Wolf offer the best chance for progress going forward on a number of important fronts:

— Gun violence: As a horrific mass shooting at a Pittsburgh-area synagogue Saturday once again demonstrated, Pennsylvania is not immune from the epidemic of gun violence plaguing the nation. Wolf has pushed for a ban on the sale of assault weapons — like the AR15, which was one of the firearms used in Saturday’s shooting — and an expansion of background checks to cover private sales of many firearms. Saturday’s violence shows he must push harder during his second term.

— Political reform: Wolf supports stricter lobbying laws and a ban on gift-giving to state politicians. He has also proposed same-day registration for voters and he continues to push for a much-needed independent commission to draw congressional and legislative districts.

— Middle-class concerns: Wolf supports the Medicaid expansion and has been the only thing standing between Medicaid benefits and GOP-backed work requirements. He also supports raising the state’s current $7.25 minimum wage to $12 and has been an advocate for full and equitable funding for public schools.

Finally, Wolf brings to the governor’s office the type of personal and political probity that is sorely lacking in much of today’s politics.

He does not target opponents with slander and sarcasm. He does not resort to violent imagery and physical threats. He charts a concerned, thoughtful and respectful course through his public dealings that reflects positively on himself, his office and the state.

The race for governor is arguably the most important decision Pennsylvania’s voters will make next Tuesday. It is inarguably the easiest.

On the basis of his record, priorities and temperament, Tom Wolf has earned a second term.

Read the full endorsement here.


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