VIDEO: News Outlets Across the Country Agree – Scott Wagner is a National Embarrassment

Pennsylvania – Last week, in true Wagner fashion, Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner yet again became a national embarrassment by demonstrating to the entire country that he is unhinged and unfit for office. Wagner’s angry rant in which he threatened physical violence against Governor Wolf is grabbing headlines across the country. Check out the coverage below:


New York Times: Republican Candidate in Pennsylvania Threatens to ‘Stomp All Over’ Opponent’s Face

Washington Post: GOP gubernatorial candidate in Pennsylvania warns Democrat of plans to ‘stomp all over your face with golf spikes’

Reuters: ‘I’m going to stomp all over your face,’ Pennsylvania Republican threatens election rival in video

CNN: PA candidate Wagner says he’ll ‘stomp all over’ Gov. Wolf’s ‘face with golf spikes’

Fox News: Pennsylvania GOP gov candidate says he’ll ‘stomp’ on Gov. Wolf’s face ‘with golf spikes’

NBC News: Pennsylvania GOP gov candidate vows to ‘stomp’ on opponent’s ‘face with golf spikes’

CBS News: GOP Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate says he’ll “stomp” on opponent’s face with golf spikes

Huff Post: Twitter Users Jeer GOP Candidate Over ‘Most Elitist Threat I’ve Ever Heard’

HuffPost: GOP Candidate Threatens To ‘Stomp All Over’ Rival With Golf Spikes

The Hill: GOP gov candidate says he will ‘stomp’ Dem opponent’s face with ‘golf spikes’

Roll Call: Scalise: Threatening to ‘Stomp All Over’ Opponent’s Face Is ‘Unacceptable’

NY Post: Gubernatorial candidate threatens to ‘stomp all over’ opponent

Newsweek: Republican Candidate Threatens To Stomp On Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf’s Face With Golf Spikes

Axios: GOP candidate threatens to “stomp all over” opponent Tom Wolf’s face

Talking Points Memo: PA GOP Guv Candidate Threatens To ‘Stomp’ On Wolf’s Face With ‘Golf Spikes’

The Hill: GOP candidate says he chose bad ‘metaphor’ with face-stomping comments

Rolling Stone: Things Are Getting Weird in the Pennsylvania Governor’s Race

GQ: Republican Candidate for Pennsylvania Governor Threatens to “Stomp” His Opponent’s Face

Think Progress: GOP candidate says threat to ‘stomp’ his opponent’s face ‘with golf spikes’ was a metaphor

Daily Caller: Pennsylvania Gubernatorial Candidate Vows To ‘stomp All Over’ Tom Wolf’s Face With ‘golf Spikes’

Daily Caller: Scalise Calls Out Gop Candidate Who Pledged To ‘stomp’ Democratic Opponent’s Face

The Blaze: PA-Gov: Wagner tells Wolf, ‘I’m gonna stomp all over your face with golf spikes’ in ‘unhinged’ video

Town Hall: Scalise Condemns ‘Unacceptable’ Threats GOP PA Gov Candidate Made Against Opponent

Daily Beast: GOP Candidate Threatens to ‘Stomp All Over’ Gov. Tom Wolf’s Face With ‘Golf Spikes’

Bustle: Video Of Scott Wagner Threatening To “Stomp” On His Opponent’s Face Is Shocking

Golf Digest: GOP candidate threatens to “stomp” on Pennsylvania governor’s face with golf spikes


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