VIDEO: Wagner Doubles Down On Taxing Seniors’ Retirement Accounts

Pennsylvania – Today in a PennLive Editorial Board meeting, Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner said, “everything’s on the table” when considering which new taxes to levy. That includes seniors’ retirement accounts, which Wagner has vocally supported.

“Pennsylvania’s seniors cannot afford Scott Wagner as governor,” said Beth Melena, communications director for Tom Wolf for Governor. “Wagner would tax seniors’ retirement accounts, charge seniors an age tax, hike prescription drug costs, and gut Medicaid expansion. He has even gone so far as to call our hardworking seniors the ‘Greediest Generation Ever.’ Scott Wagner is the very worst of Harrisburg.”




VIDEO: Wagner Wants to Tax Seniors Retirement Accounts “The other problem we have is – and this really angers me to a certain degree. We don’t tax retirement income in the state of Pennsylvania.” [Berk County Patriots Meeting, 1/21/16]

VIDEO: Wagner Would Roll Back Medicaid Expansion. “We should roll back Medicaid expansion.” [GrowPA Republican Candidates Forum, 3/06/18]

VIDEO: Wagner Called Seniors The “Greediest Generation Ever.” In a December 2016 interview with PennLive, Wagner said about seniors receiving pensions, “If you go onto Google and Google ‘greediest generation ever’ you’d be shocked at what pops up. They don’t care. It’s all about them. It’s all about me.” [PennLive, 12/07/16]

Wagner Was The Only Senator To Not Vote On A Bill To Lower Prescription Drug Costs For Seniors. In November 2017, Wagner did not vote on final passage of House Bill 425 to help seniors continue to receive prescription drug benefits through PACE and PACE NET by excluding Social Security cost of living increases from income limits for the programs. [HB 425, RCS# 345, 11/15/17; Governor Tom Wolf Press Release, 12/21/17]


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