Editorial Board Endorsements Come Pouring in for Governor Wolf

Pennsylvania – Editorial boards across the commonwealth are endorsing Governor Tom Wolf for re-election, highlighting the progress Pennsylvania has made under his leadership and his plans to continue moving Pennsylvania forward. Read what the most recent editorial board endorsements had to say:

Indiana Gazette: Re-elect Gov. Wolf

For the past four years, Gov. Tom Wolf has maintained a steady hand on the tiller of Pennsylvania’s ship of state.

Soft-spoken and personable, the former York County businessman is not given to bombast and self-aggrandizement like so many modern politicians. Nevertheless, he has aggressively attacked many of the state’s problems: working to get Pennsylvania’s finances in order; making progress in restoring funding for education at all levels; helping to improve the safety of our schools; expanding the availability of health care; forcefully addressing the opioid epidemic; and helping secure the Urban Outfitters facility at Windy Ridge.

His record of achievement is strong, and we believe there are more good days ahead. That’s why we heartily endorse giving the Democratic incumbent, Tom Wolf, four more years as governor.

Sunbury Daily Item: Wolf a clear choice for governor

Gov. Wolf has provided sound leadership for the commonwealth on drives this year on anti-hazing, commonsense gun reforms when it comes to domestic abusers and in the state’s response to the Attorney General’s grand jury report into decades of child abuse within the Catholic Church. Under Wolf’s watch, the state has started to inch away from its arcane liquor laws and successfully rolled out a medical marijuana program that continues to evolve and now includes a research component.

Wolf has also kept the state focused on the opioid crisis, ramped up education funding — although more is needed along with a fairer funding formula — and added to the commonwealth’s health care options by expanding Medicaid coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

Washington Observer-Reporter: Gov. Tom Wolf deserves to be re-elected

Wolf has restored $1 billion in funding for education, and has been a firm advocate for investing in Pre-K programs and training students in science and technology. The opioid epidemic gained force through much of Wolf’s tenure, and he has helped combat it by, among other things, expanding Medicaid and supporting a prescription drug monitoring program that can pinpoint if patients are trying to stock up on opioids from multiple doctors. Wolf has worked with the medical community to create 45 treatment centers across the commonwealth. It’s not a flashy record, but one of solid accomplishment.

Philadelphia Tribune: Tribune endorses Wolf, Casey, others

…Wolf has made Pennsylvania better.

He has restored funding to our public schools that was reduced under former Gov. Tom Corbett. He has also expanded access to health care through Medicaid. He has signed legislation to provided non-violent ex-offenders a second chance.

Wolf deserves re-election to achieve his goals, including raising the minimum wage and improving public-school funding.


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