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Scott Wagner Would Be A Disaster For Education

Scott Wagner supported former Gov. Corbett’s devastating $1 billion education cuts and now says it is his “mission” to slash more funding from our public schools.

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Wagner Said If We Laid Off 10 Percent Of Pennsylvania’s Teachers We Would “Never Miss Them”

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Wagner Co-Sponsored Bill Which Could Gut $1.7 Billion From Public Education

“But every time a student opts to take the money, the same number of dollars would be subtracted from his or her home district. In theory, that could reach about 1.7 billion dollars, a fifth of the amount spent by the state on K-12 public education.”

Fiercely contested school choice bill on the move in Harrisburg

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Governor Wolf Restored Education “Cuts Made Under The Previous Administration"

“Since the governor took office, Pennsylvania has made sustained investments in education, including restoring the cuts made under the previous administration, increasing the number of children able to attend pre-kindergarten by nearly 50 percent, and enacting a fair funding formula.”

Governor Wolf also reduced standardized tests for Pennsylvania students and under his leadership, graduation rates have risen. Times Leader, 2/03/18

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Strong Public Education System

Tom Wolf knows that a strong public education system will expand economic opportunities and help keep, create, and attract good jobs in Pennsylvania. A good public education system is not just the right thing to do; it is what drives a healthy, vibrant economy – something that’s good for all of us in Pennsylvania.