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Wagner Said It “Angers” Him That Pennsylvania Does Not Tax Retirement Income

“The other problem we have is – and this really angers me to a certain degree. We don’t tax retirement income in the state of Pennsylvania.” Berks County Patriots Meeting, 1/21/16

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VIDEO: Wagner Called Seniors The "Greediest Generation Ever"

In a December 2016 interview with PennLive, Wagner said about seniors receiving pensions,

“If you go onto Google and Google ‘greediest generation ever’ you’d be shocked at what pops up. They don’t care. It’s all about them. It’s all about me.” PennLive, 12/06/16

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Wagner Supports Trump’s Plan To Implement An Age Tax

Wagner supports Trump’s plan to charge an “Age Tax” that AARP says could force Pennsylvanians aged 50-64 to pay up to five times as much for their health care. Under Obamacare, rates were capped at three times more.”

Under Wagner and Trump’s plan, a 60-year-old earning $25,000 a year could see premiums and out-of-pocket costs could increase by as much as $16,174 a year if they wanted to keep their current coverage. It would allow states to charge older adults age 50–64 significantly higher premiums than under current law. AARP, 9/01/17

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Wolf Administration Has Undertaken Efforts To Allow More Older Pennsylvanians To Remain In Their Homes

Over the past two years, the Department of Human Services (DHS) has served 10 percent more people in the community.

“The focus that the Department of Human Services has placed on housing is allowing older Pennsylvanians and individuals with a disability to live in their communities – where they want to be,” Governor Tom Wolf. Gov. Tom Wolf Press Release, 6/08/17

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Governor Wolf Is Fighting For Seniors

Governor Wolf has invested in senior community centers, launched Community HealthChoices to allow an additional 50,000 seniors age in their homes, stabilized the lottery fund, saved 180,000 seniors from losing their Medicare Advantage health plans, and lowered prescription drug prices for seniors.